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For ASAFF, offering superior products is not enough. Its focus on the client has enabled ASAFF to become a best-of-breed service provider in both its service offering and its customer care. The company aggressively pursues and invests in new technologies to add to its products and services - delivering maximum unique value. ASAFF employees pride themselves on professionalism, fast response and unflagging attention to customers. The company strives to be considered a natural extension of its customers' IT Operations staff.


For this reason, ASAFF has earned the trust of some of the most well-known organizations in Brunei, from high profile Banking & Government bodies to cutting-edge Telecom industry to many of the prestigious companies worldwide. ASAFF provides these clients with cutting-edge solutions that would otherwise be unattainable.


A quick sample:

DST Group
IDBB - Islamic Development Bank Of Brunei Berhad
Contact us today and see how quickly we can deploy a solution for your Company.


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