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"Your trusted IT partner for all technology needs"


ASAFF is an emerging IT services and solutions provider with a technical and management group that has a combined 30 years of technology experience and began offering their services as a company in 2000. Within this short time frame, ASAFF has successfully completed a number of projects for clients in Brunei and overseas.


ASAFF has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services, Siemens, LogicaCMG,etc to jointly develop and market IT solutions for the logistics, banking, telecom and IT arena.
Experienced in established as well as emerging technologies, our teams can handle the most challenging software projects while providing our customers the same service and support of multi-million dollar projects.


ASAFF provides solutions for most of the technology needs of your business. Send us a detailed description of your specific IT requirements at enquiries@asaff.com and we would provide you with a No-Cost-No-Obligation case study prepared exclusively for your business needs.

Contact ASAFF Telecommunication Services for all your technology problems and we solve IT for you.
We offer a broad range of creative expertise that includes :
     Customized Software Development
     Web Site Development
     Intranet Applications
     Networking Solutions
     Visual Design
     Logo Design
     Multimedia presentations
IT Solutions

We provide a variety of internet-based technology platforms and web-based tools to transform your conventional business processes into a high-performance business model, which helps you to reduce operational cost and increase your profits. We are always pleased to offer a free initial discussion to explore your requirements and options. With that initial discussion we can come up with more suggestions on your ideas.

Please contact us for more details.

Web Solutions

Our range of solution includes web-enabling applications, horizontal and vertical portal development, B2B solutions, B2C, customer specific solutions, E-Commerce, etc.


Technology : Developing applications using ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, PERL, RUBY, PYTHON, JAVA, J2EE, .NET, C, C++ and XML.


Databases : Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL.

Intranet Solutions

An intranet is a secure, private web-based environment for easy communication within your company. Previously intranet was considered a necessity only for large corporations, but intranets now have been understood that they have many benefits for small to mid-sized businesses too.

Intranet provides an easy access for all your vital data to your employees. Customer support department can access user instruction manuals to provide fast and effective support to their clients. Sales department can access product information and pricing details to respond quickly to quote requests. Technical staff can inform their production schedules, specifications, and technical information to facilitate collaboration and speed production.

Even if you already have an intranet and looking for more add-on features, please feel free to contact us.

Product Solutions

We believe every business is unique; we make sure that our custom designed product solution meets your specific requirements.

We also have ready-to-use products like Shopping Carts, Intranet Mail Server, Discussion Forums, School, Hospital Management Software etc. Creative web solutions have been our hallmark since day-one of our existence. We understand how technology works and what works best for you and deliver the optimum creative solutions with the help of the best creative minds in the industry.
Right from a simple web presence for your company to the complex task of building a brand, we are there to serve you with design solutions that cut costs and make your investments worthwhile. Graphics, Navigation, Typography, Sound, Color and Content form the core of creative design and we offer an incredibly rich combination of all these for your ultimate user experience.

Networking Solutions.
ASAFF can help businesses with a common range of networking problems such as:
  LAN DNS server configuration.
  Network design and security.
  Firewalling and HTTP Proxy Request Server.
  Internet DNS server configuration.
  Domain purchasing.
  Router installation and configuration.
  DSL and leased line installation.
  Web server configuration an installation.
  Website design.
  File server configuration and installation.
  Desktop computer installation and configuration.


These are the technologies, which are currently supported by the tech teams at ASAFF Telecommunication Services.

     Basic: HTML, DHTML, CSS, Java Script, VB Script
     Microsoft: ASP. NET, ASP, Visual Basic, COM/COM+, IIS, Active-X
     J2EE: Java, JDBC, JSP, Servlets
Open Source: PHP, PERL, Apache on Linux
     Microsoft: VB .NET, Visual Basic, COM/COM+, Active-X, MS Office Developer (MS VBA)
     J2EE: Java, JDBC, JFC
Databases: Oracle, MS-SQL Server, MySQL


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